Saturday, April 2, 2011

saturday comes after friday, friday

Happy Saturday everyone!

Its for the most part, a beautiful day in Toronto. The weather network claimed its +11 (celcius) outside but I think its more like +6 with the wind...and its a fierce one...

Chola and I walked all over Queen street and Chinatown until she finally stopped and refused to walk anymore, lol. Thats how I know shes really tired because this dog will do anything to walk...Soooo, I had to put her in my coat, zip her up, and walk home...

So Im home now, relaxing for a few minutes with a pot of tea and making this blog entry...OOH! And I also found these adorable earings!! They're little bows...but they actually look like dog bones, hahaha...whatever! I still like them ^_^

Anyways, I hope everyone is enjoying theyre weekend and I'll post something a little sexier later



  1. I enjoy your everyday candids. Helps you feel more real :) Love the last pic there and of course your pretty smile. Chola is a very, very lucky dog. Brrrr, I'm a little chilly. I think you need to wrap me up in your coat ;)

  2. Nice! The weather in NYC is nice too finally, enjoy the rest of your day and sounds like Cola had her fill of walks today lol

  3. Well,I'm a respectful guy and all,but if you stick that tongue out at me ONE MORE TIME............xoxo,I love all your pics,but I especially love the playful ones like this one! Ima bite it if you stick it out again!!!