Friday, March 18, 2011


Thank Goodness Its Fridayyy!!! I feel like the week flew by!! Ive already had my Apple Jacks to start off my day and ive boiled some hot water for tea to take with me to the gym.  These past mornings I've found it really difficult to wake up feeling rested and motivated to go to the gym :/  Thankfully, my gym is small enough in a little spa that nobody really knows about it or uses it so I workout with the lights off so it's like working out and sleeping :) hahaha Listen!! its the EFFORT that counts!! 

I hope everyone had a great St Pattys Day and that those of you who celebrated were SAFE! 


  1. Love that color on and off of you Mina....very hot....Happy Friday and I did have a safe, but somewhat drunk St. Pattys day. Love your pictures...nice way to start my day.

  2. Very sexy outfit, hope you had a good workout....

  3. Introducing Tropical n' exotic Ms. Mina!!! :D