Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St Patricks Day!

Happy st Pattys day everyone! First and foremost, please allow me to say this : Please dont drink and drive. Even 1 green beer can ruin yours and some elses life so just remember to either take a cab, or have a DD (designated driver)

Now, to the fun stuff! Im not a big drinker at all, especially for beer so I have no intention of going out tonight! In fact, I plan to stay in, make some hamburger helper and play some pokemon :)
I took these pics yesterday because I had some thank you videos (for my birthday gifts) to make and I can't stop thinking about how much I look like a sexy comic book character!!! What do you guys think my comic book name should be???

On a not so fun note...I STILL dont have a television after a month of living in my new place. You can even see the cable box but its dumb because I dont even have a TV to use it!!! Do I continue paying $130+tax a month for cable service or do i cut the service because who knows when I'll join the 21st century...*sigh*  (that thing on the wall is the wall bracket to hold up my phantom television)

Anyways, I hope that everyone has a GREAT St Pattys Day!!! I'll be going to MacDonalds for lunch to pick up a big mac and shamrock shake!!! ^_^



is anyone else getting spammed every 5 mins from an email like this???

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-Javier RIVERA 


  1. Dang, that is one sexy, and revealing, outfit (I noticed the X's you had to use) Very enticing pics =)

  2. the Temptress.....i think would fit nicely

  3. Looking so sexy in that outfit, and I'm not sure what comic character you would be, but she could tie me up anytime ;))

  4. seriously sexy outfit and would make for an awesomely sexy superhero costume and if you were a superhero (to an extent you are!) you should be named... Twitress ;)