Tuesday, February 1, 2011


If your a Twitter follower (which you SHOULD be), you'll know today is #TittyTuesday!! Its a lovely day on twitter where tons of sexy women feel the need to post great bewbie shots!!! So, not to make anyone feel left out of a good pic of my and my lady lumps, I present you with this....Enjoy


  1. So sexy and just as sweet as the candy you're wearing ;))

  2. Talk about Pretty In Pink!!! :D

  3. Wow, u look so amazin. U r a sweetie! n CONGRATULATIONS to appear in Maxin n Heavy.com.

    Came not a lot to your blog and I had not heard, sorry, but i have charge maxim magazine, i wanna see u. Congratulations again and never change, you r one of the best non nude model n woman.