Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A GOOD morning!

FINALLY! I real reason to be happy!! I'm finally able to send/receive money via AlertPay!!!
Although this battle with them isnt over, I'm over one of the biggest hurdles...it took a LOT of fight...lots of trips to the bank, had to see a lawyer to get him to attest that I am "me"...But i'm thrilled!! I can now make more videos, more photos, and sell more panties, and sexy photo specials!!!  YAAAYYY!!!!


  1. Way to go Mina....and your picture reminds me how much I wanna new pair of your panties....yay for all of us !!!!

  2. That's so awesome!! Glad you finally got over this and I can now get your photo special :-)))

  3. A good day for you to get Alertpay....

    Great pic too ;-)

  4. Congrats on getting onto Alertpay! Hot hot pic too!!!