Wednesday, January 5, 2011

sexy pics

im kinda bummed that I didnt get a chance to play dress up with my sexy new lingerie today but I suppose tomorrow is another day...

Im going to probably go hang out in the whirlpool or maybe even go for a swim...a friend of mine is coming by the hotel and im going to ask her to take a couple pics of me in the water...nothing too sexy, it IS a family area and I dont want to be upsetting anyone ;)

But to keep you guys entertained I hope you enjoy these pics :)


  1. It really is all about you, my dear, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

    You're bloody ace!

  2. Very sexy... but boy, does that seem familiar ;)

  3. So sexy and such an amazingly hot body....

  4. My goodness Mina, those are some sexy pics.

    Have fun at the whirlpool ;)

  5. Seriously, I keep hearing in my head that oldie song "lady in red" :D

  6. Love the Thigh Highs, they accentuate your legs beautifully!!!