Wednesday, January 5, 2011

good morning

Last night while on my way for lebanese food (yum) I decided to stop in a sex shop to browse their lingerie and such...To my surprise, I found some VERY sexy lingerie that I didnt even know you could get in Canada...PENTHOUSE! 

I immediately start picking up all sorts of different boxes and hangers from sexy little dresses, to corsets, to pin up style things and head straight for the change room! 

Needless to say...I ended up buying 10 different sexy new outfits!!! These are going to make some people VERY happy!! 

Of course, you have an opportunity to get yourself a sexy custom video in one of these never before seen outfits by donating to my starwood chipin

I hope everyone has a good day but now, its time for me to hop in the shower and make a whole bunch of videos for people that purchased and made donations yesterday!! 

See you soon



  1. I can attest to the sexiness of her custom videos

  2. Very sexy outfits and I too can say that your custom videos are so hot!!

  3. Not only do you get to treat yourself to some sexy item but ya always think of how to spoil us too!!! :D