Thursday, September 2, 2010

To-Do List :)

today I dont think I have too much to do, But non the less, I like to try and do as much productive things in my day as possible :) So today Ive already got my coffee, and downed it...made a delicious breakfast that consisted of a toasted english muffin, fried egg, and as ghetto as it sounds, a sliced and fried hot dog LOL! You see, I didnt have any other sort of protein that I could add to my little breakfast sandwich so I was improvising. And in case your was delicious :)

So, for the rest of my day I plan to do the following:

- laundry
- roof top tanning
- sexy pics for fans who bought me panties <3
- potentially play my new video game that I have yet to open (new super mario bros)
- quick tidy up of my apartment
- charge my ipod
- go to the gym
- set up some photo shoots
- add a few items to my amazon wish list

So you see...being me can be quite busy! LOL

Anyways lovers, I hope you have a fantastic day and are enjoying the great weather (while we still have it)

Love always,


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