Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Busy stuff!

So i feel like I have quite the busy weekend ahead of me! On Thursday, I find out if I won the contest on as their very first heavys angel..exciting stuff!! I'll be so upset if I dont win because you guys know how hard I was pushing it and trying to get everyone to help out. So lets all cross our fingers and hope for the best! Then, on Saturday, my daddy-kins is comin into the big city to come see meeee :D So were going to have some lunch, walk around, catch know, fun daddy-daughter stuff...But then, come saturday afternoooooon, at 4pm, I have to scoot over to a fancy movie set and shoot a scene!!! COOL right?!?! I'm going to be in a moooovie!!! I play this hot chick whos dressed all provocatively and give this guy a dirty look and say something not nice to him...I was offered a more elaborate part, but to be honest, Ive never acted in my life and have a feeling that Im going to screw up even a dirty look! So, I'm kinda nervous and excited all at once...i'll obviously let you guys know how it goes and i'll try to take a few pics too ;)

Also, I'll be heading back up to Toronto next week and i'm super nervous because the day that I get there, Im having my wisdom teeth taken out!!! AHHH!!! oral surgery! T_T i'm so scared!!! And I wont even be able to have fun at any of the Film Festival parties like last year :( Instead, I'll have a face like a chipmunk and hanging out in bed at my moms drinking protein shakes and eating popsicles.....mmmm popsicles :)

And thats that!!!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic Hump Day



  1. a film, nice! don't forget about us when you become famous:)

  2. I just had mine taken out it wasn't to bad I was down for 2 days and was out getting crazy on day 3

  3. gorgeous as always xxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Have fun in Toronto! Minus the Dentist stuff. Everybody hates the dentist, I know I DO! Be good and get there and come back safe!