Friday, July 23, 2010

strange day

I had a personal fight with myself today and for the last couple days to be honest about going to the gym. I just havent really had the motivation lately, maybe im hormonal or something but I decided this morning that I was going to go anyways, despite not feeling up to it...then after i was all dressed, shoes on and ready to go out the door, i looked at Chola and thought...maybe she feels like going for a walk...the perfect excuse to bail on the gym - muah ha ha ha ha!
Surely the torrential down pour that struck us 5 minutes later was the universe telling me to get my ass to the gym LOL.
Anyways...we went back inside and waited for the rain to pass and then I headed uptown to meet a friend for lunch and she was so sweet and brought me 2 pairs of shoes, Just because!!! Isnt that so sweet of her?! I know right! :D So
So we went for korean food and ordered some dumplings and bimbim bop (my fav). If you dont know what it is they serve you an extremely hot stone bowl filled with rice, vegetables and a raw egg and mix it vigorously around with hot sauce...delicious. After lunch we went to pinkberry (because why on earth would I pass up an opportunity like that) and then out separate ways.
After that I came home and was greeted by a package waiting for me...something from my wishlist!!! :D and can you guess what it was??? lingerie? nope... swimwear? nope... SHOES!!! well, boots to be more specific :] After my lovely greeting i was feeling ready to face that butthead named Gym....and did i ever teach him a lesson!... I probably should have been easier on him because it ended in my keys getting stolen! WTF?!? who the hell steals someones house keys?! there was a macbook air, an ipod, 3 different cell phones and my keys are what gets stolen?? so angry. Anyways, after tweeting what happened my keys magically appeared at the front desk...its all a little too suspicious to me so im still getting the locks changed tomorrow, just to be on the safe side...this IS New York City after all...
And thats about it...I'll post pictures of all my new shoes a little later :)

Love ya!


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  1. that dish sounds amazing.

    and the keys, that's sketch. i think your lil dog has enough attitude to scare some creep away though