Thursday, July 22, 2010


hello there!

today was an unexpected shopping day, which i cant complain about considering i was desperate for some new clothes...little by little im trying to add to my I bought this white shirt and black shirt/ you think the shirt looks better tucked in or out?? I couldnt decide so i'll let you :)

I also found these killer leather pumps on like?

Other then that I also picked up a bunch of little goodies like new body wash, a loofa, some self tanner and lip gloss.

I was also planning on a surprise ustream chat tonight!!! how exciting right?!? I was thinking about 10:30pm does that sound???

see you then!!



dont forget about my panty/lingerie sale going on right now!!!

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  1. Super sexy Mina. Both outfits look too (I am not an expert on footwear believe it or not lol)...

  2. Lovely as always.

  3. you have the most amazing body..

  4. I need to get a job at Pinkberry!

  5. I find that you look better on the outside but it does not matter because you will look beautiful with what you choose to wear. I liked your leather boots, is a perfect way to protect your beautiful feet and gives me a great desire to give a great massage on your feet and your entire body is incredible!

    unfortunately I can not connect when you're chatting on Ustream, they could come back to archive your videos to enjoy them. and know how to talk about and to admire.

    have a nice day, a big hug sacha!!

  6. Mina you look gorgeous. I like the shirt tucked in. :)

  7. everything looks awesome as always! i like the shirt out I think.

  8. Sweety youre looking great i realy admire youre gourges body all the way from holland (the netherlands) but the shirt out for me looks perfect. Big kiss xx Teun