Saturday, May 22, 2010


hey guys,

i know its been a couple days since I last posted, but I've been so busy hanging out with my new friend, Madelyn Marie..can you blame me for not posting?? LOL
Anyways, on thursday night, my favorite club Greenhouse was hosting a lingerie/pornstar party and thats why she was in town, along with Audrey Bitoni and Gina Lynn. Madelyn is amazing, I totally have the biggest crush on her!!! So sweet and real, whats not to love? So we all partied together till about 4am...which as you guys know, I almost never do! I was feeling it the next day.
So right now, I'm sitting in my hotel room in Atlantic City and Madelyn and I are hosting a party later at the Chelsea Hotel at C5...were really excited about it and really want anyone whos close by, to come and see us!!!

Hope to see you guys!



Like the pic of me and Madelyn? you can get a set of pics taken just for me at to find out how much ;)

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