Monday, May 17, 2010

busy weekend!!

I had the craziest weekend ever with Veronica. First, she was like 5 hours late getting in because her bus driver got lost! I was worried sick trying to call her, calling grey hound to see if her bus arrived...finally just as im thinking she somehow didnt make it across the boarder or something crazy she calls me and says shes here! thank goodness!!! we had already missed 2 of our shoots so she quickly took a shower, refreshed herself and called everyone to rearrange shoot times. we immediatly went to our first one at 4:00pm and met the guy in the upper east side...after we met him we traveled all the way up to washington heights...I want you guys to know, that Ive never travelled north of like 80th...and the only time i do go up there, is for the park, so this was a whole new experience for me. He took us through these bushes, off a trail and by the water...I was a little worried that he was gonna like, kill us and throw us in the water but everything worked out fine and we shot for about 4 hours there. it was funny because as im doing all these poses, and took of my top and stuff, he was then like, "take off your pants" im like "i dont think so". I'm very particular with new photographers and like to feel them out before I start showing them my goodies. Once he figured out that I wasnt going to take much off hes like "great, were done here...Veronica you ready?" i was a little peeved but its all good, I saw her stuff and she got some amazingly hot pics!!! By the time we were done it was night time and i was getting a little scared. Being in an unknown part of the city late at night, isnt my cup of tea. As were making our way out of the bushes some guy emerged with no pants!!! were like "peace!" and bolted out of there faster then a bat out of hell!
Once we managed to get home, changed for dinner and to the resturant, we were an hour late for our reservation and they gae our table away. We hadnt eaten a single thing and were starving and getting grouchy! Once we finally sat down, at almost midnight and ate, we were too tired for anything and had to get up at 8am the next day. ugh.
The next day started with the same guy as the day before, even though he was totally pervy, he did take good pics (of veronica) He must have had a bad lense combined with no experience because me somehow managed to make me look super fat! i was so dissapointed but again, veronica takes a hot photo no matter what...its like something turns on when shes in front of the camera. love it. We shot on a rooftop in china town and posed with a weird chained up motor bike, against different graffiti walls and the city skyline...and man was it hot!!! i got a sun burn on my little nose!! :(
At about 2:00pm we shot down to wall st for our next shoot with a guy that used to work for apple! not the store, but like real apple as the head of tech support - so cool! anyways, i loved the pics he took, very sexy, and a little bit pin up ;)
after apple dude we headed over to chelsea to a studio of an agency photographer who only got to shoot veronica because of time restraints but i loved what he did for her, so im totally scheduling a shoot with him later this week! after him, we scooted over to union square to meet the last guy, who happens to be a famous musician (he does photography on the side) and his pics were sooo hot...kinda reminded me of a hot, sexy, moody britney spears music hot.
By the end of it all, we were exhausted beyond words and so hungry because we didnt have time to eat! But after veronica left i walked over to spice for some thai food and then went straight to bed after!!
I cant wait for the next time she comes to nyc..were definatly going to schedule more time in for some personal fun!


starting tomorrow i'll be back on full time!!!



  1. Dang girl!! You look awesome. I'm poor and have no job. MARRY ME!!!!

  2. Thank you for such a wonderfully amazing pics. You make me smile.

  3. how could he make you look fat? must be a really so-so photographer!

  4. Def sounds like you had a scary experience in the bush ey.. glad you girls made it out ok. and im sure you pics look great!! You def had a busy weekend for sure.. :) enjoy the rest of ur week ;)