Thursday, May 13, 2010

sunny thursday :)

hey peeps!
even though my day isn't over yet its going great so far. I woke up earlier then usual today, at about 8:30 and watched a little bit of the boob-tube in bed to help wake me up while I played on my computer for a bit (farming of course!) I was forced out of bed by the grumble of my tummy so I made some oatmeal w/ fresh raspberries (or whatever fresh fruit i have in the house) and then I was still hungry after so I made an english muffin with peanut butter. That hit the spot! Once my little Buddha belly was full I changed into my zebra bikini and hit the roof to get some color before my shoots with Veronica Vice on Saturday! :D I was up there for a while, almost 2 hours and I didn't realize how much color I actually got till now...I'm so upset that I got a tan line on my cheek from my sunglasses!!! Ugh. I hope the weather is nice tomorrow so I can fix it!! After getting my bronze on I was ready to retreat to the coolness of my air-conditioner and shower. I decided it was a perfect opportunity to make a sexy video of me in the shower getting all soapy...but you wont be able to see it anywhere but (when I launch of course) After my shower I went out for some sushi which was yummy yummy! I swear all i ever do is eat LOL!! I was surprised at how cool is was today considering I was schvitzing to death on the roof. After lunch I grabbed a Starbucks (with my snazzy new gold card) and then hit the nail salon for a much needed manicure!!! It was nice to have my nails cut down a bit because I was starting to feel like a crazy old lady with talons LOL. My color of choice? Peachy Pink :) over an hour later I went back home and was freezing from the sun going down and because I left the AC on high :( I didn't want to be a lazy bum so i went to the gym to warm up and did I ever!!! I ended up working up a crazy sweat!!! much better then a high calorie hot chocolate! And here I am now...writing a blog with Chola cuddled up in the blanket sleeping, and a nice hot tea beside me...of course I'm wondering to myself what I'm going to eat cuz I'm getting hungry!!! maybe some tostitos and salsa? who knows...

Id also like to give @BLACKBERRYBABES a HUUUUGE thank you for making a cute new "Spoil Mina" amazon wish list button!!! It goes perfectly with my blog and I'm so grateful!!! xoxoxoxoxo!!!

by the way, the photos are in sequence of occurrence of the last 2 days(going backwards) :)

and remember, if you buy me something off my wish list, I'll thank you in an ultra special, ultra sexy way ;)

Love always,



  1. are we gonna see the hot pics of u and veronica on both of your sites when they launch?

  2. woweeeee what a bum xxxxxxx

    want me to rub some cream on it for you? ;-)