Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

So yesterday wasnt too busy or anything, i really took it easy, to the point that i even air dried my hair! I had to run a couple errands (mail something and pick up some baby oil). I swear it must have been the sunshine because both my mail guy and the guy at duane reade were so excited to see me! the mail guy was all flirty and stuff, and then the duane reade guy...let me tell you about that!
I go into DR strictly for baby looking all over the place for where the baby section is and this black guy creeps around the corner, and yells at me from across the store, literally and say "Can i help you find anything miss!?" so instead of walking over and telling him i yell "yeah! baby oil!!!" ive never in my life seen a black man blush the way that he did! LOLOLOLOL he goes "isle 6" and starts laughing because he cant contain it! Its not like i asked him where the value pack of lube and condoms were. As i walked by him i said "its not what you think!" and he said "i wasnt thinking anything!"...yeah right lol

i bought my baby oil and got the heck out of there...and i used it for exactly what he was thinking ;)

I'm going out tonight to celebrate earth day with my friends so ill be sure to take the camera and post and fun and sexy pictures ;)



  1. sua fotos são excelentes, oce esta de parabens.

  2. You're very gorgeous.
    Ashley Skyy

  3. You really did use it for lesbian wrestling? I knew it!