Friday, April 23, 2010


thank goodness! because i need the weekend!! even though my only job really…is with, my mentality still changes when friday hits…maybe its some weird repressed childhood thing where theres no school or maybe its that all restaurants do brunch!! you guys should know how much i love brunch!, I mean, who doesnt love brunch!?!
But anyways, im faced with 2 different obsticals that will be forcing me away from the computer this weekend…

1: im letting a friend of mine crash on my couch (who doesnt know the naughty things i do ;)

2: while walking the dog yesterday, i ran into another group of my girlfriends from toronto, 5 of them!!! who know nothing about nyc so i promised them that id show them around and take them out all weekend…

so i spent a good chunk of my time showing the girls around the city, taking them shopping and such, and then by the time i got in from showing them around, the other friend whos crashing on my couch showed up! so i’m on double duty this weekend!!

I’ll be sure to bring my camera along with me this weekend and try to post a couple of the hot pics

Today, my agenda consists of me going to the gym, then going out to meet the girls and show them around some more...they want to go to some good shopping and such and i think i'll surprise them with a stop at the cupcake shop too ;)
After shopping and probably lunch, i'm going to come back home and meet my other friend who wants to go get a mani and pedi tonight before dinner and then come home, change and go back out!!! so I have a bussyyyy day filled with fun girly things!

and like i said, i'll be sure to bring my camera out tonight ;)

Love always,

Mina Stefan


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  1. always nice to hear about your life. Reminds me that you are real and not a fantasy ;-)