Sunday, April 25, 2010

girls only weekend!

ok, so even though i had a wicked time with all the girls, im kinda happy they went home because im pooped! So let me explain everything as simply as possible.
I was expecting a friend to stay at my place from thursday-sunday and she arrived at about 7:30pm thursday. But, way before then, when I was walking Chola around, I happened to run into a group of my girl friends who just happened to be here! I was so excited to see them so I showed them around a bit, we did a bit of shopping and at about 6 or so we parted ways so they could get some rest and get ready for me to meet them the middle of all that I had forgotten that I was expecting the other friend to come by so by the time that I got in the door, Chola and I were ready for a nap!! we lied down on the couch, closed our eyes, and my phone rings...the door man telling me that my friend is here...*sigh* i just wanted a nap :(
She came in, we were all excited, i made a coffee to wake my butt up while she settled in...once she settled in we realized that it was almost 9pm and we had to get ready for dinner at Via De Mille! so were rushing, trying on all our outfits, doing our hair in the bathroom, gossiping while doing our make know, fun girl stuff!!! The 2 of us made it to dinner for about 10pm and met 2 different friends there. After dinner and dessert it was shortly after midnight which meant, time for the club! they really wanted to see Greenhouse (even though i said it would be better on a friday) so we hopped in a cab and went over. So me and 3 other girls went there and met my other 5 friends who managed to already be settled in and chatting with the boys. We got our table set up with a couple bottles and started dancing, having fun, talking to stuff :) I left early because I knew that I had things to do friday and the 5 girls that met me there stayed to finish the bottles. Friday. ALL of them but me were hung over. (this is why i dont drink much people). it worked out in my favor because i had some things to do and i took the dog with me :) at about 6pm me and a few of the girls (some of the others were went shopping) went for mani's and pedi's! it was fun for us to all gossip and take over the salon :) after the salon we all had to run our separate ways to get ready for dinner again, because it was starting a bit earlier...9:30pm, the 7 of us all went to Juliette for some yummy in our tummy meditranian food!!! One of them happens to be getting married so we ordered a couple bottles of champaign to celebrate, which was fun :) There was also a belly dancer there! Once again after dinner we all went to Greenhouse and ordered bottles. Vodka and more champaign. There was also some cute model boys there who we were all flirting with - tee hee! But im a good girl and only went home with one friend of course! we came home at about 3am and left the other girls partying until 4:00-4:30am...crazy girls.
Saturday consisted of Brunch at Juliette with is bottle service brunch. Imagine partying at a night club where people are dancing, ordering champaign, theres loud music.....and eggs! its always awesome there and I always leave so full and satisfied...mmm mmm good. After brunch the friend who was staying with me and I went home and changed into cumfy clothes and walked Chola around all day, around soho...there was a wicked sale going on at one of my favorite stores so we stopped in there, bought some the end of it all we didnt realized it was already 7pm!!! so we of course, went back to my place, had a glass of wine to help relax and decided that we were just too tired to do anything we went for bimbim bob and some more shopping...victorias secret, h&m, etc...she even bought a lake louis vuitton purse from one of those african guys lol...i told her she was crazy, but she wanted to have it. at about 11 or so we went back home and changed into our Pj's and drank more wine and chatted all night :)

Fun times :)


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