Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy Birthday to MEEEE!

hey there boys and girls,

i'm sorry that I haven't blogged much lately but I decided that I would blog about some things I would like for my birthday, which is coming up on March 15 :D I'll be turning 22, can you believe it!?! OmG I'm so excited!!! ^_^

anyways, some things i would like are a reeses cup candle so that my house always smells like my favourite candy :) , a new nintendo DSi Lite because my last 2 got stolen from me :( :( :( , on lasenza.com there is a bra called "beyond clevage" and its in lace...i want it in all the colors with the matching panties...i want them so bad!!! I also would like a new warm coat for chola (which is on my amazon wishlist) , i would also love a sephora gift card because i always need new stuff to keep my body looking sexy for you guys ;)

so yeah, those are just a few things i would like :)

and here's a sexy video of me rubbing baby oil on my body and dancing...maybe you've seen it on youtube, but if you haven't, i promise you'll love it ;)


  1. Alejandro Garcia (alethp)March 3, 2010 at 5:58 AM

    hello beautiful!!! happy birthday, I hope you have a great day with great love and great gifts.
    Tell me take this opportunity to admirer of your beauty. all the world are few adjectives to describe how beautiful you are.

    a strong and warm embrace. happy birthday.

  2. My best friend is turning 22 on March 15th too! Hope you have fab birthday lovely! xxx

  3. youre beautiful Mina, i love, you exite me!