Monday, January 4, 2010

my not so good day :(

so my day yesterday...sucked. from beginning to end. i woke up REALLY early, and early for me is like 7:30 (considering i sleep till anywhere from 10-12 every day) I had to get up this early so that I could catch the train to Atlantic City from Penn Station, NYC...As some of you may remember, I took the Aces Train from AC to NYC so i would obviously take it back. My train was supposed to leave at 9:15am...I got on the train when I was supposed to and waited...and waited...and waited...something like 30 minutes went by before they finally made an announcement to tell me that theres technical difficulties that theyre trying to repair.."thank you for your patience" - lame. I could have slept in 30 minutes longer! Anyways, by 10:30, over an hour later they finally tell everyone that we have to move trains, go to Newark and transfer from there...I was NOT pleased...allow me to explain to you how they essentially put us on an above ground subway for 5 hours. I'm not joking. 5 hours. I paid $100 for my damn ticket to travel first class, if i wanted to take the route we took, it would have only cost me $15...I called the customer service and they refuse to take any responsibility for the issue or refund me...GRRRR it makes me so mad >_<
Once i got to AC, I was starving and couldnt wait to put something in my little tummy. I got a cab to my hotel (The Chelsea) and headed straight for the jewish style deli/restaurant downstairs - Taplanskys i think it was called...good food, Id eat there again. It was so cold outside that I was quite discouraged to go out and explore, so I took a short cab ride over to Caesars Palace and walked along the Pier, a little shopping mall was nice and I took some pictures of the casino, me with some starbucks...the usual..
I suppose my day wasnt that bad, just the train thing threw me off...anyways, thanks for reading



  1. Are you Jewish, or do you just like deli?
    Stay warm.
    Any plans to visit Florida?

  2. wow, love the bra-thong-combination in the video!! you are a real hottie!


    you're way too Hot!!!

    love your boobs and your incredible butt.

    greeting s from brazil!