Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday back in NYC

hey guys,

I'm sorry I didnt Twitter much today, I was just enjoying the weather so much today that I couldnt tear myself away to update! So I figured I would tell you what I did...(which is what I usually do on a sunday in NYC)

I woke up at about 10ish and had a nice long hot shower...what a great way to start my week ;) after i got myself ready and such I left to hit up somewhere to buy a gift for a friends daughter...I ended up getting her some crazy Play-do Iced Cream thing which she seemed to quite enjoy. After I picked up the play-do thing i had some Panang Curry at on of my fav thai places...OM NOM NOM NOM NOM!!! the I walked over to one of my favourite stores ever - MARC JACOBS <3!!!!!! there was a line up around the corner, literally. forget that, I'll go back when everyone's at work. no patience to wait in line lol
After Marc Jacobs I decided to head over to my favourite sunday hotspot, Via Die Mille, an awesome little italian place in SoHo that does a wicked European brunch...basically that means a big night club party with bottle service but on a sunday afternoon :D Good times ;)

I just got back from brunch and am feelin goooooooood, gonna have a little rest then change up for dinner with some friends!

Hope everyone is having a great sunday!



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