Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mail me!

Hey guys,

Ive been thinking the past few days that I'd really like to get to know all of you better, so I've decided to post my mailing address for those of you who want to mail me a personal letter :)

for those of you who decide to mail me, I will write you back a personal letter and seal it with a kiss!

371 Front St W
Suite #169
Toronto, Ontario
M5V 3S8

I look forward to hearing from you!!!



  1. Interesting. I rather like this idea...I may have to send you a note. :)

  2. Great blog. I've been Twitter.

    Check ou my blog and say hi.

  3. hi mina you are going to make a great porn star if that is truly your dream until that day comes keep up the good work lol phil

  4. I thought you lived in NYC sweetheart! You are so beautiful, your ass (in this photo) is great, but your face is just gorgeous, I love it! Hope all is well.


  5. I certainly hope the mailing address above is still valid, because I would very much like to send you a well composed letter. I only discovered you today, Mina, but in those few hours it has been a delight.

    Obviously, your body is beautiful and pleasing to behold. Even more charming in my estimation, is that you have an innate desire to connect with people, and you don't hold anything back in discussing your life.

    I also confess I'm a sucker for a woman who sleeps with her intimate girlfriends. There's something very tender about that, and perhaps even "natural." Besides, with bisexual women, I have common ground in the appreciation of the female form.

    Anyways, I'll churn out that letter tonight. I understand it's just a friendly gesture, and not a romantic overture. I hope it pleases you on its arrival.