Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Hey guys!

As you know, Amie and I went to Montreal last weekend and had an amazing
time, so I thought I should share all the juicy details!

So we had 7 hours to kill driving there with Chola. We listened to all MY
favourite music, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Christina Aguliera, Brittany Spears,
you know, the poppy stuff ^_^ we left at about 5ish and got stuck in a
really bad storm and had to keep stopping for the dog so it slowed us down a
bit, but we were there by 12..ish. When we checked in, to the W Hotel of
course, they gave our room away because there was some mix up! I was so mad
because I had booked us a suite for the weekend and now they're telling me
not only did they give my room away, but they were sorry that they were all
booked up. Yeah. Ok. That didn't fly so hot with me. I lost it on the hotel
manager and demanded a room immediately. Sure enough, my voice was heard and
a room (regular room) magically became available. Amie and I went to bed
the first night, and as tired as I was from driving for 7 hours I still
tried to initiate sex...what am I supposed to do? there's a smoking hot
blonde beside me...wouldn't you do the same? So I started kissing her
shoulder, tickling her arm, running my fingers down her side and
definitely worked, she got on top of me and we starting making out, breathing
heavy, both of us were starting to get super wet. about 10 minutes into
it, the exhaustion hit me and we had to stop because I was literally falling
asleep. Amie wasn't mad, she was totally understanding...that's why I love
her <3

The next day we got up nice and early to go for breakfast. On the way out
the hotel manager stopped us and told us that he was extremely sorry about
the mix up and has arranged for us to be moved to a suite for the rate of
the regular room along with dinner on him that evening. I happily accepted,
obviously, and continued on our way to breakfast...Not knowing Montreal we
just wondered around until we found a cute little french resturant,
thankfully not too far from the hotel. They were so nice and it looked like
we stepped right into Paris. Our waiter was especially cute and kept
flirting with us each time he passed. He even told us that he didn't want us
to go because we were so beautiful. But, as nice as he was, we wanted to
get our day started with shopping!

We asked around and were told that the best mall to go to was Leval...I
think that's what its we hit it there and it was great, so many
shoe and lingerie stores! we must have tried on like 12 or 13 pairs of
shoes and gone to at least 6 different lingerie stores. In one particular
lingerie store, the change rooms were so small and they wouldn't let me and
Amie in not fair...but we at least were beside each other ;) we
got a few outfits each and took some pictures, then all of a sudden I hear
"PSST! Mina!, I'm stuck...I cant get out of this thing!" I poke my head
under the divider and see her stuck in this binding corset with ribbons and
ties so half undressed myself, I sneak under into her extremely small change
room and try to unravel what she got her self was so funny that we
couldn't help but to giggle. I finally got her out of the thing as she
helped me take off the rest of mine. I started to touch her tits and just
as she turns around, touches her lips to mine we hear "KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK"
"excuse moi, one person in the room please!" Ugh...what a buzz kill, so I
sneak back into my room, quickly get dressed and high tail it out of there!

After a few hours of shopping, having fun, taking pictures and such we went
back to the hotel, moved into our super big suite and got ready for dinner.
I don't remember what we ate but I do remember a whole lot of drinks and
wine...thankfully the resturant was super dead and we took the liberty of
choosing the most secluded seats in the place so that we could have a little
fun. After dinner, we had plans to go out but threw them out the window so
we could go up stairs and finish what we started earlier...

...Montreal rocks

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