Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Travel Bug?

I've been bitten with the Travel bug...I was invited to go away again to a top secret location!! Not really top secret, I'm just not prepared to tell you guys because I don't want a flood of emails asking me to meet you. 

I'll be leaving soon...within the next 10 days...Don't expect my blogging or tweeting to stop, I'll be taking my ipad and intend on posting pics still. 

Mreow =^-_-^=


  1. Love the pics...the last one is such a tease I love it...the view is the best....Glad to see you are traveling again and can still post....hope you have a great time

  2. Smokin hot pictures and the last one is so sensual as well as erotic...

  3. You deserve to have a nice get away :)

    Please enjoy yourself, you work so hard! And these pics are just a tip of your hard work :)

    Thank you and Enjoy your trip!!