Sunday, May 19, 2013

Day 2 I'm Barcelona was a Sunday so pretty much everything was closed. I decided to take a walk to the beach and see what it was my opinion, it's what South Beach wants to offence SB.

Walking to the beach ended up with walking along the the very end....I ended up walking all the way to the W Hotel and decided to take a rest in the lobby for an hour or so and abuse their free wifi :)

I took a cab back to my hotel because it was starting to rain and the wind was so strong it was almost knocking me over.

I had a nice bubble bath, which you saw, then I had a Skype session with my mom and got to see Chola! My mom lives in the country and has a big yard for her to play in, and my mom told me how she's all grown up now and digging up bones in the yard! I couldn't believe it when I heard it, my little princess

I found a cute bar that I really like for drinks and food, I've already gone twice. They have the freshest meats and cheese for like €10...a big plate that I struggle to finish.

Anyways, that was my day, Im gonna go take some more pics for you guys now :)

Lol my fucked up panorama pic...whatever, I tried ha ha


Sleepy face

Location:Barcelona Day 2


  1. Mina, you sure know how to spoil us :D

    A bubble bath with White Wine looks to be a really sweet combo; while looking sexy ;)

  2. Looks and sounds like you are having a good time, thanks for the beautiful pictures and sharing your time away with us. Looking forward to your next post.