Thursday, April 4, 2013


My poor Chola has been sick all week with butt problems. I won't go into too many details as to save you from grossness but she has a ruptured anal gland. The vet flushed it out today and she's been put on an assortment of antibiotics. She has a follow up appointment next Thursday. 

I also can't believe that it's almost the weekend! This has been a really short week for me. I have some work to do on my blog that I should really buckle down and deal with...

Aside from that, I hope everyone is doing well and remember that I still have some videos available for purchase (Please check out the upper right hand box)


  1. Sorry about Chola and hope everything turns out ok. These pictures are so hot and I so love this outfit if you can call it that, LOL, but it shows off your natural curves so well..

  2. That's quite the outfit *Stunned*

    Hope Chola gets well soon! Poor thing :(

    Keep up the great work as always!