Friday, April 19, 2013


It's been forever since I've been to NYC. It's where my heart is...I can't wait to go back and see so many of my friends. It's one thing to text and email people regularly but it's another to give them a big hug and see them!

I have big plans to eat LOTS of food at my favourite places :D

I'm also planning to do a few shoots...

I will of course be taking my computer so I can still blog, tweet and post pics :)

Oh, I should tell you WHEN! This Sunday :)

Oh, by the way @istiyommm , I've hidden an additional logo on all these pics along with others that you've already posted... You look like an idiot posting pictures that still say "Mina Stefan" on them 


  1. These are very sexy pictures, I hope you have a great time in NYC and get to spend some quality time with your friends :). And very clever of you with the logo, you rock!

  2. Have a fantastic time Mina in NYC. Typing this on Monday so assume you are there now.

    Ps. Nice one on watermarked photo's.