Monday, March 25, 2013

Mia Miiii

So I'm sure you've seen from my twitter and Instagram that I'm currently in Miami. I came here to do some promo stuff for Winter Music Conference. I had a good time and worked really hard and long hours.

I was supposed to be coming home early this morning but silly me, last night I had a short "nap" before having to go to the airport And slept solid till 10am today, lol. My flight was originally at 6am and I was supposed to leave my hotel at 3am. Hence the nap.

Anyways, the next flight out is unfortunately tomorrow night!! So that kind of sucks....I mean, there's far worse places to be "stuck" than sunny Florida, but I just miss my little Chola so bad. *sigh*

Today I plan to spend some time by the pool and just relax. My fee are killing me from the weekend. Anyone wanna give me a foot rub?

Here's a few pics from the weekend :)

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  1. Sorry you missed your flight but please enjoy some relaxing time in Miami!

    Looking mighty fine as always Mina!

  2. Sorry you missed your flight but I sure do love these pictures, you look so sexy!

  3. Love these shots, looks like you got to have some fun while you were back there working :)

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