Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy St Paddy's Day!

It's that time of year again!! Where everyone celebrates their false (and authentic) Irish heritage in the name of booze! :D 

This year, I decided to celebrate with a sexy beer shower, using only the finest, Guinness. 

-4 minute video with lots of sexy angles 
-Wearing a white "bikini" (if we can call it that)
-Showering myself in beer
-Rubbing it in


Check out "How To Pay" and email for any questions :)

----- VIDEO STILLS -----



For those who missed last years video I've brought it back for a limited time only!!


Mina Stefan's S.t Patty's Day Teaser by minastefan


  1. Very sexy pictures as a tease and I know I'll love the video, as you know I'll have to buy this one too :)..

  2. o wow this looks hot . i may have to honnor my heritage as well and scoop this video up

  3. Very sexy indeed Mina! You certainly know how to bring out the holiday spirit in any holiday ;)

    This looks to be the sexiest one made yet!

    Excellent work as usual!!!