Friday, March 8, 2013


Happy Birthday to meeeee!!! I'm so happy to be able to share another birthday with all of you! This year I made a special video including some very yummy cake icing (complete with sprinkles). When I made the video, it ended up being far sexier than I originally intended so I'm selling the full video (just over 4 minutes) for $30.  The photos below will give you an idea of what to expect from the video, and for anyone who does purchase and decides to write me a small testimony, I'll be posting that as well :)

Payment options are Visa, MasterCard and Giftcards. 

Email me at if you would like to pay by Visa or MasterCard.

And because it IS my birthday, Here's my Wish List!!!

Happy Birthday To Me! by minastefan


And for my anyone who didn't see last years video...

Happy Birthday Mina! by minastefan


  1. This looks amazing, you've really out done yourself this time! Can't wait to see the full video ;)

  2. Happy Birthday Mina, you as always look so beautiful and sexy, love the teaser video and the pictures, I can't wait to view the full length video I purchased as a birthday present to myself :) as mine is 3/14.