Monday, February 25, 2013

Stoo Metz Photographer, The Stoodio Photography, @StooMetz

As I'm sure many of you remember, I went to Halifax for The Everything To Do With Sex Show. I had a great time, there were many awesome fans, and due to some unfortunate weather, my flight was cancelled and I had a "free day" in Halifax. The photographer for TSS had mentioned that he would like to shoot with me so I decided to take him up on his offer. We had a great time and a very productive 6 hour shoot.
Prior to our shoot everyone agreed what would/wouldn't be done, including that I would also have a copy of all the images at the end of the shoot. (Standard Stuff)
Come a month later, chasing him, being blocked on Facebook...he still hasn't given me the images.

Call me crazy, but when you have a clear, concise verbal agreement, you don't just change your mind later.

I'm writing this blog not for my fans and followers, but for anyone on the internet right now, looking for some research on Stoo Metz, or The Stoodio Photography.

I've spoken with other models who worked with Stoo, who have all said about the same thing as me. They had a verbal agreement with Stoo prior to their shoot and after the shoot, his demeanour changes and he sends them maybe 5 or 6 terrible images that he polishes up.

In Halifax that kind of thing may "fly", but as a model who's shot with photographers literally all over the world, this is the ONLY time I've ever had this happen and I would hate for a potential client of his, or even another model to have to go through this. It's an unnecessary headache.

Please, if you're a model or potential client, even if you get everything in writing, do NOT be surprised if your business relationship goes sour after the work is done. There are some FAR more professional photographers in Halifax.

(THIS is a pic he sent back...which was just a Behind The Scenes pic)


  1. I am under the impression Stoo gave you over 100 images. Is this not correct?

  2. wait acctually isn't this the post right here where you say you have the 100 images?

    This is very confusing....

  3. Hi Brian, Those images were taken with my personal samsung camera. Stoo did not take any of those images.

  4. So vert wrong of that guy for being so unprofessional with the pictures and sorry to hear this had to happen to you even though the set of pics came out sexy

  5. On a more positive note, where in the world have you shot?