Monday, February 18, 2013

Years ago I did a special sexy icing set and video (which I have no idea where the video is - really) But I honestly don't remember if I ever posted them, so for the majority of you who haven't seen these pics, I hope you like them :) 

I think I wanna do something like this for my birthday which is coming up!! March 15th!! 


  1. These are so hot!, I vaguely remember this set, but not sure. And it's so easy to remember your birthday since it's the day after mine :)...

  2. That must of been one lucky viewer(s) that got to see this hot n' sexy videos and the pics are the biggest tease ;)

  3. wow this is a great set , id love to be able to buy the video from this if you ever find it , or if you decide to remake it . you are amazing , keep up the great , sexy work .