Thursday, January 31, 2013

Behind The Scenes of a shoot

If you were away from Twitter on Monday then you missed that I had a shoot from 6pm-3am! I had such a great time, and we took some incredible photos (and some sexy stuff after)

I've made a package available for purchase containing 108 photos & 16 videos.

How much is this super awesome package? $25. That's right. Only $25. 

In the photos and videos you'll see lots of me posing, shooting, getting ready, general "behind the scenes" stuff :)

Please pay by gift card to 

Some sample pics 

I don't want to give too much away ;) 

These pics and videos will be available for a while, but not forever!


  1. You certainly know how to spoil us Mina! :D

    Should be worth more ;)

  2. This should be awesome, and the perfect way to round out the after the shoot playtime pictures and video I purchased, those were hot enough to melt your camera ;).