Friday, December 14, 2012

Naughty or Nice?

This year I made 2 different videos, a "Naughty" one, and a "Nice" one. You can decide which one you'd prefer to see... (But I must confess, even my "nice" is still a bit naughty)

Naughty : $25
Nice       : $25
Ho Ho Ho : $15
(Last years video)
Naughty/Nice : $40
Full Package : $50

How to Pay

**All videos will be available until Dec 31, 2012**

Naughty or Nice (Teaser) by minastefan

Happy Holidays and don't forget to spread the Holiday spirit by sharing this video! (And spoiling me too!)



And Because I'm just oh so sweet, I'm bringing back last years "Ho Ho Ho!" Video from the vault.
See the Full Version for $15 ;) 


  1. I can't decide....I want you to be both naughty and nice dressing like that!!

  2. Naughty or Nice, they both are very sexy, you are an awesome young lady with a body to die for, thanks for making these and making them available at such a reasonable price.

  3. You've really out done yourself this time Mina!! :D

    Thank you for making two versions of this year's holiday video (my monitor is already melting) lol