Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! I may be cheerful but I'm terribly sick. I was up almost the entire night and then went to the pharmacy in the morning to get some medicine. My throat is so dry and sore :(

Tonight Im hosting this years Christmas dinner with a roast, scalloped potatoes, roasted asparagus, ooh and some cheese fondue as a starter! And I made an apple crisp for dessert :) It's going to be a delicious meal (if I survive to even eat it).

I received some wonderful gifts from friends and family as well. I'm very fortunate.

I'm also SO happy to be featured again on TheSmokingJacket.com for this years Holiday post. It's always an honour :) Please check it out and let them know what you think :)


  1. Awesome sexy pics Mina....really sorry your sick but glad you keep going with dinner and pics. More SmokingJacket.com...they sure know what they are doing...get well soon

  2. Very beautifully done pictures and of course you look stunningly beautiful and sexy! Congratulations on being on the smoking jacket, you deserve it and so much more :)

  3. Those are some hot red pictures :D

    Almost has a naughty fairy tale vibe to it ;)

  4. gotta honestly say, am a lil disapointed with photos #2 and #3 cause they seem to have a lil airbrush done.. but the other 2 classic mina, playful yet sensous! just a personal opinion, you look much more appealing in natural light(minus the airbrushing that is hehe) magnifique :D keep up the good work mina.. a new loyal follower is me :) have a great 2013!

  5. Damn you look amazing in red. That bra was made for beautiful women like you. a perfect fit!