Tuesday, November 6, 2012


So this person is pretty persistent. I've filed multiple complaints with Deviant Art and they haven't gotten back to me yet. But everyones comments yesterday were really helpful. Hopefully they get embarrassed and take down the profile.

If anyone cares to help try and get this loser off the internet, go ahead and make a couple comments calling them out for being a thief and loser. http://mishablack.deviantart.com


  1. I posted a couple so far and will do so again today, some people are just so thick headed and don't get it that stealing someone else's pictures is a form of identity theft. Such a looser..

  2. It's sad and pathetic when people do this sort of act!

    Hopefully this will come down

  3. You can serve a take down notice by e-mail to violations@deviantart.com and they should remove them. If not serve them a very large invoice requesting payment for use of your photos as you hold the copyright and they will come down quickly! hope this helps