Monday, October 15, 2012

Some current fake adds/profiles

Please allow me to make it VERY clear that I do NOT offer any sort of escort service. I do NOT meet fans. I will not accept any amount of money to meet you or have sex with you.

These are extremely offensive and I do not endorse these websites at ALL.

I'm aware this one is a spam account on Twitter, but just in case someone couldn't figure that out on their's a fake.

This user, Alexis Bloomfield has been giving me a headache. They were previously on Instagram and I managed to cock block that for a minute but now they're back...Please find them and report them! (and call them out on being fake in comments!)


  1. Damn, girl if this was really you, you'd have to have several clones just to keep up with all the callers. Sorry this is happening to you and you know I'll keep my eye out for any others out there.

  2. This is crazy of a find :(

    Hope you'll win this war!