Monday, October 22, 2012

I'll Put A Spell On You

Happy Halloween!

If you'd like to see more from this, there is an EXTENDED version available where I get FULLY NUDE then send a $20 Gift Card or Flight Centre Voucher (preferred) to

Happy Halloween! by minastefan


"Hi Mina,

So what can I say other than WOW, this is one very hot video, you are so amazing in what you have done and made it so worth the money and so much more.  The parts where you were dressed, some what, lol had some very sensual and erotic moves in them and that was worth the price there.  Then you throw in the special effects where you get totally nude and dance for us, damn girl that was off the hook!  You never disappoint and in this one for those who don't buy it, they really are missing out on your best so far.  Thanks for doing this and making it available.



  1. You're one sexy witch Mina!

    Thank you for making another great Halloween video!

    Best one yet!

  2. Very sexy video, you are so smokin hot, I'm assuming this is just a tease of more to come?

  3. The stills are so very hot!!