Thursday, October 11, 2012


Do what makes you happy. Because at the end of the day, you're responsible for your own happiness. Here are some things that make me happy : 
- Working out...I may feel tired afterwords, but I'm in a great mood 
- Video games. Xbox 360 (gamer tag: minastefan), Pokemon <3 a="a" and="and" fantasy="fantasy" games="games" mix="mix" of="of" p="p">
- Sailor Moon. People say I'm too old, or am only trying to hang on to any youth I have left, but I learned so many life lessons from Sailor Moon. How to treat people, the environment, love... Sailor Moon will make me happy until I die. 
- it, eating it, sharing meals with friends and family, with brings people together and makes them happy. 
- Photo shoots also make me happy...To create a story with an image, a feeling...a sexy feeling, a happy feeling, nostalgic feeling, sad feeling, angry feeling...Creating emotion with a picture.. 

These are just a few things that make me happy....What makes you happy? 


  1. Seeing your pictures always makes me happy....playing games, earning my money and sports make me happy....pretty simple, but it does it

  2. Morning walks with my wife before work, special alone time together. Trips to our favorite casino. when the Dallas Cowboys win. And of course seeing beautiful and oh so sexy pictures of you :)...

  3. Happiness is enjoying the simple pleasures in life, especially eating good foods!

    Spending time with family and friends...

    And your work has been the extra icing on a cake ;)

  4. Long motorcycle rides through the mountains. Sitting around a campfire with a good cigar and great friends. And of!

  5. Amazing body all time Mina.. you look great.