Friday, October 19, 2012

Aside from my bullshit situation at the asian grocery store earlier, my day has been alright. I woke up early and got a considerable amount of work done. I also managed to finish editing my new Halloween video, which i'll continue tomorrow where I add an extended version of me getting much more times! :) 
It's Friday night and I think I'm going to stay in, have some sake and watch some television with the dog. I've had enough excitement for one day. 


  1. Wow, I must say I do love this white dress on you and how it clings to your every sensual curve...

  2. I like that dress! Reminds me of LeeLoo Dallas of the movie "The Fifth Element" ;)

    I'll have to remember this one for sure!

    Hope you'll have a relaxing evening! You deserve it after what you've gone through today and you worked so hard... looking forward to the extended cut of your Halloween Video :D

  3. It seems as if anything you put on your body looks wonderful!!