Monday, September 10, 2012

Last week obviously flew by because we had that extra holiday but aside from that, I've also been busy with stuff in my personal life which is why I've been a bit quiet on twitter and my blog. Today already I've been super productive with cleaning up around the house, making phone calls and soon catching up on custom videos that are owed to some people. Im so sorry to those of you who have had to wait the extra couple days. Usually I'm right on top of these things but I'm going to make sure they're done today :) 

I hope everyone had a great weekend, mine was awesome. I don't go out very often (once in a blue moon) but I did go out last night and had a really great time :) 

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  1. This is one very hot outfit and looks amazing on your smokin hot body!! Love it when you do these special pictures for our enjoyment...

  2. Damn girl u r HOOOOT!!!!!!! this outfit is amazing

  3. That's one sexy outfit there Mina!

    Happy to hear you had a great weekend and a way to cap it off with a fun Sunday Night ;)

    Hope today went well and Thank You again for the #sexyMinabomb yesterday!!

  4. Wow! Mina I can't stop staring at your gorgeous pussy!!!! I would love to smell then lick and touch your crotch while you wear those panties!

    I will pet your pussy! :)