Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Yesterday I went to The Ex, which in Toronto, is kind of our equivalent of a state fair. Theres rides, armed forces recruitment, games to win stuffed animals, bars, concerts, petting zoo, outlet shopping and most importantly...fried everything. I'm sure you could find deep fried souls for those people who have sold theirs in exchange for a deep friend hamburger or something, lol.
I personally decided that I work out a LOT, enough that going calorie crazy for one day isn't going to hurt me. I had myself a burrito (with all healthy choices), a burger between two grilled cheese sandwiches called "The Behemoth", a deep fried mars bar, chocolate covered bacon and a corn dog. 
Most of that food I ate half or just over half of. I ate most of the burrito and mars bar. Which, btw, was life changing. I definitely think it would be better with a snickers though. But seriously, if you haven't had a deep fried mars MUST seek one out. Not greasy at was essentially like an over stuffed chocolate croissant, with caramel. As I was walking home I was literally high on sugar...colors seemed brighter, my attention span shorter, more alert to my surroundings, improved hearing, lol, and a wicked happy mood! By the time I got home I was beginning to have a carb and sugar crash.

Obviously today I had a super ridiculous workout...and I was practically sweating sugar, haha. Enjoy these new pics taken before I had a full out fat fest at the Ex :D 


  1. Gotta love The Ex...and you of course for proving undeniably that Canadian women are the sexiest women on the planet!!

  2. With that smokin hot body of yours and days worth of indulgence won't even show!! These shots are amazing and you look totally hot!!

  3. Sounds like one fun festival!

    They always seem to have unique items to eat, especially the deep fried Mars bars and/or other candy bars. But I would have to say the chocolate bacon is one that is hard to match hehe

    By the way you look stunning in those pics!!! :D

  4. Holy sexiness!!!! All that eating must gave u a seriuos tummy ache poor baby :-(