Friday, August 3, 2012

I woke up this morning feel a need to be productive. I haven't shot with a photographer in quite some time so I decided it was time to change that! Not only did I shoot today, but I have a few shoots coming up in the following days/weeks. 

Todays photographer was someone I was really looking forward to working with. I really liked his work on his portfolio but because he usually lives in LA, it was difficult for us to really set anything up. By chance he happen to email me and say that he was in Toronto and that his model for today had cancelled and wondered if I was interested in shooting! With less than 3 hours notice I managed to work out, have a meeting with another photographer and do my full hair and make up. I was ready to go by 2pm...but he didn't show!! Just as I sent him a terribly nasty email an hour later and decided to go get starbucks, he's in my building trying to buzz me. After I vented my frustrations and heard what he had to say, I felt a bit better and didn't want to pass up what I had already planned. And I was SO happy that I decided to shoot. I can't wait until I get the images back and can share them with you...definitely one of my best shoots to date! 

Anyways, onto other things...This was another awesome item that someone had spoiled me with and I'm still waiting for an proof of purchase because I have a couple videos to send as thanks!! 

Have a great Friday night everyone!



  1. You do realize you are spoiling us this week with all these sexy pictures of you, not that I'm complaining, as I'll take as many pictures as you're willing to post. These are very sexy and thank you to who ever bought it for you they have good taste...

  2. I'm so glad you finally got the photo session from that photographer! Can't wait to see how they came out! Hope he wasn't too picky about your outfits after what you had to go through with having to deal with him being late.

    BTW you make that cardigan sweater extra sexy ;)

  3. I'm glad it ended up working out, because it sounded like you really wanted to work with him. Maybe from out of town, it wasn't so easy to keep a schedule, but can't wait to see the pictures

  4. Always a vision Mina! And can't wait to see the new photos! Hope you're having a great week!