Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hello loves! 

As you may have seen on Twitter (and here) I've been really busy these past few days with shoots every day :) Ive already gotten some photos but I'm waiting for edits from most people before I share with you :) But I think I'll be able to share a few tomorrow :) I'm so thrilled with some of the results, I can't wait to see what you guys think!!

I hope everyone is doing well and isn't getting TOO bored with my lack of posting the past couple days. 

Enjoy these new pics :)



  1. You're quite the busy woman of late ;)

    Always well worth the wait!!!

    And nothing says sexy as that simply white outfit your wearing :D

    Keep up the great work and very much looking forward to those photo shoot pics :)

  2. I've been happy to read you've been busy with photo shoots lately I know it's been a dry spell. From the few tease shots you've shared I can't wait to see more. These shots today are awesome, but you always look so sexy in white.