Friday, July 20, 2012

Paris day 1

My first day in Paris was exhausting because I had jus gotten off a 10 hour flight. After getting checked into my awesome hotel in the city, freshened up, changed into some fresh clothes I was suddenly starving! We walked around just trying to get our barrings, and upon doing so, we discovered were staying right by the Moulin Rouge! It's really cool, and there's soon many sex shops, lingerie stores, and whore houses along the street. Who knewnid accidentally end up booking my hotel in the red light district of Paris? #win
So, back to food, we walked around until we ended up in a nice part of the city with beautiful bakeries like I've never seen. Each pasterie, tart, maccaroon, was all an edible piece of art...hand crafted with French love and pride <3 For lunch we ended up at a cute cafe along the street, which all look so similar but the trick to choosing the right one is really based on where you want to sit and watch, so you have to get one with good street traffic! I ordered a steak frites and glass of wine and I'm not sure if it was because I was starving, or the wonderful atmosphere, but it was one of the best meals I had in a very long time...the whole experience was charming :)
After lunch, we continued walking and wound up at the biggest shopping area/department store I've ever I've seen a few malls. This place was called gallerie lafayette, and it took up multiple blocks...they aren't fucking around here, lol. I didn't buy anything as my exhaustion was beginning to kickin and I could barely form words but I'll definitely go back and look once more.
At this point, like I said, I was a wreck so we headed back to the hotel and had a ap for not even 2 hours before I woke up from being frozen to the bone. I forgot to mention, it's MUCH cooler here than Toronto. They're daytime high here is 20-23c where ours has been minimum 30. Thankfully I brought some sweaters, but even still, not what I'm used to. So anyways, I woke up from this nap because I was so cold so I had a super hot bath until I couldn't take the heat anymore to assure hat my body temperature was nice and high :) by now, I much have been around 6pm so I thought it was a good time to get dressed and continue where we left off for exploring!
We made our way all the way up to the Sacre-Coeur. It's at the highest point of the city and not only is the church itself gorgeous and has gargoyles like I've never seen all overt, but the view of the city is incredible. I took lots of pictures! Of course, once you go up, you must come down, some strolled down the 100 odd steps and stopped in a couple shops and I had a croissant that was out of this world. We don't have croissants any home...we have crap compared to this. It was a little bit sweet, ligher than air, more buttery than Miss Paula Deen herself. #heavenly
For dinner at about 10pm, we had Italian food, strange, I know...but it was actually quite good! I'll tell you, the French have got this whole food thing down...take something simple, and make it the best you've ever had. Which is a little upsetting that Canadians and Americans don't seem to get. They have to take something and add 5 crazy ingredients to make it unique and their own instead of just making a perfect classic dish. Oh well, I guess all the more reason to eat more here!

And that's about it for my first day in Paris, I'm so excited to see what today holds for me!

Thanks for reading my super long blog entry, and to those of you who were too lazy to read, that's ok :)


  1. Wow! That was a long one but a great read! Hope to see some of the dishes on your food blog.

    The food just sounds amazing and sounds like I'll have to check out the food there... someday

    Enjoy Day 2!!!

  2. Sounds like a great yet tiring first day, it's nice to hear you're enjoying your trip and I look forward to your next post. Oh and I've heard stories about the red light district I'm sure it's a real eye opener.....

    1. You as usual look amazing, I love the view from your room very beautiful...

  3. So much in one day...glad you are enjoying yourself and you are giving them something sexy to see too!!!