Monday, July 30, 2012

Gaah! Can you believe its been almost a week since I last posted? Well, of course you can, I'm more asking myself that question. Honestly, I've been having a more difficult time settling back in from my get away then I imagined. I think it's because usually when I go away I work. Doing lots of photos, videos, emails...So it's really not too much different except the scenery..But this time, it was a real vacation with minimal emails and tweeting and blogging...liberating really, lol.

So now that I'm back I haven't been wanting to work for a few days because my back was still hurting, even today, but thankfully not as much. I also had a bad "stomach attack" as I call it where I get that horrible pain in my stomach that won't stop for anything, even sleeping. So that took almost 48 hours to subside. I just didn't really feel it was necessary to complain about it on Twitter. I try to keep things as positive as possible until it's passed and I may or may not mention it....again, "TRY" being the operative word here ;)

I also got a new webcam right before I left and I've been trying to get into my groove with it. Clearly, it takes bomb-tastic photos, but I'm still working on how to really maximize my use out of it while taking videos. So to everyone who got videos today, I apologize if they were a little strange, lol!

Anyways, enough blabbering...enjoy these photos! It's a 2 part set so you better check back tomorrow for the rest ;)



  1. You definitely deserved a real vacation with minimal distractions!

    Sorry to hear your back was still hurting; did any of those tips helped with that pinched nerve ya had while you were in Paris? Sorry to hear about your stomach as well :(

    You look stunning in these sets of pics!!! Keep up the great work Mina! You still got this down ;)

  2. So sorry not feeling well and I think most wanna know that on twitter too, but staying positive always a good thing...I say it when I feel that way....but anyways, super sexy pictures and very clear....very very fond of those last two ;)....thanks for posting Mina

  3. You look amazingly sexy in this bikini, you have such an amazingly hot body and are always so beautiful..Glad you see you back in the swing of things and I do love the quality of your new CAM...