Monday, June 4, 2012


A lot of you may not know this, but a few years ago, when I was first starting out in the world of "online modelling" I used to do this fun thing called "Mina Monday" where every Monday evening, I would log onto Ustream (before they banned me) and do a free chat show. My chat shows were just that...for chatting. This wasn't a free live sexy time show where you could come and watch me shove a dildo up myself. (that's NOT what I do, even in videos) This was an opportunity to come chat, say hello, ask me questions, and just get to know me beyond sexy images..
I had stopped doing it because people starting becoming assholes and calling me names, saying mean things, etc. And I'm not gonna lie...I'm not like some of these cam girls who have skin of steel and can take horrible name calling, so I just stopped doing it.
But it's been a few years now and most of you are new around here so I'm thinking of trying again :)

I will be sure to post ahead of time when I plan to be on this evening and I'll also tweet when I do log on with a link..I'll most likely be using "TwitCam"

So, I hope everyone has a great start to your week and look forward to chatting with me tonight!!



  1. Can't Wait! :D

    BTW thanks for that sexy pic! :D

  2. A little late, but this sure did start my Monday out right, sorry I missed your chat I hope it all went well...