Friday, May 4, 2012

goodness! its been since monday since I blogged anything! apologies -_-  I'll be posting some new pics later today, just need to watermark them :)

So this morning has actually been terrible! I didn't sleep so well, i woke up to find that I somehow accidentally dropped the charging end of my computer charger in Chola's water bowl, so being overnight in water, it turned to complete mush. :( Then, when I went to put sugar in my coffee...I dropped the sugar bowl. Needless to say...I'm back in bed, lol.

I'm not going to let it bother me though, were supposed to have beautiful weather today in toronto, 23C, so I plan to be in a great mood, play outside, and also make some videos and take some pics too :)

Hope everyone has a great Friday!



  1. Sorry your day had such a crappy start, I hope things get better and you have a great day...

  2. Sorry today has been a trifle morning :(

    Hope tonight and this weekend will make up for all this frustration :)