Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Back to reality

I had quite a crazy Easter holiday weekend...I went out to Ottawa on Friday and was lucky to make it there just in time for dinner at 6pm. The dinner was hectic, like most large family dinners then afterwords I went back to my hotel to feed Chola and then a nightclub emailed me asking me to come visit for a drink. I politely accepted and went out for a drink..I didn't last long though because I started to feel violently ill. I rushed back to my hotel in distress trying to figure out why I was horribly nauseas, dizzy, migrane...and then i remembered that I was feeling really bad in the car from a bad smell...there was a leak of some sort and I was in it for 5 hours. I had the window down in the car but it didn't seem to help much. Chola was also really sick. She had some bad stomach problems but at least she had energy. I called a Nurse Hotline that we have in Ontario and they told me to have a bath with Chola and if I dont feel better, then I need to go to the hospital because people die from this, or even get brain damage. To be honest, I didn't feel better, i just snacked on some bread and tried to fall asleep. It seemed to work because I was feeling better in the morning.
The next morning I went downstairs for breakfast and there was a man behind me sitting alone reading the paper and his Tshirt said "Harlem Globe Trottes"...being the curious kitten that I am I asked if it was a novelty shirt or the real thing...and it turns out that he was the team athletic trainer and invited me to their game that afternoon! I was so stoked to go, I started calling everyone I knew in Ottawa (so 4 people) and the ride that i DID have, ended up bailing on me so I bit the bullet and paid the $60 to take a cab there. I had a great time, I had never seen them live before! I even bought myself some cotton candy :)
In the middle of the game I ended up getting an offer for a gig that night and they told me I should bring some friends. Well, not having any friends (yet) I decided to invite the Globe Trotters to see if they were interested in partying that night. Sure enough, they were excited to go and later that night, me and the entire Harlem Globe Trotters were dancing, partying, chatting...just having a good time.
We went out again on sunday night but I only hung out with them for a short while because I was really tired from the night before.
That's pretty much the sum of my weekend!! Pretty cool right?


Playing "Fashion"

YAY! Chola!

We were having an argument...


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend. You should have asked them why the Generals never win...

    Nice Ash Hat...

  2. I just love that pic with those nice heels, very nice pic... make sure u keep an eye on ur health as those things might last longer than 2 days. As always ur gorgeous.

    TinY Mounty
    PS: draw something back ive been waiting a day now lol

  3. Thats a wild weekend and I know you had to leave stuff out just to save space, but really glad you got to feeling better so you could enjoy some of that...pretty exciting...thanks for posting...loving the pictures as always

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  5. Cool weekend and awesome pictures, very well done and you look amazing...

  6. Luv the photo shoot pics (always a nice artist look)

    Glad you had a blast in Ottawa!

  7. Love it when you go nerd.