Friday, March 9, 2012

WOW! It's snowing like CRAZY here! like almost white out snow, but big fluffy flakes! :D fluffy snow always makes me happy! I dont even care that it's cold enough to snow..

Today I have a busy day, I'm shooting for a good few hours then I need to rush home and start dinner after because my mom is coming over for dinner...but now I'm wondering if she'll make it in this snow :/

Anyways, for anyone who's feeling chilly, i hope these sexylicious pic warm you up ;)

Happy Friday! <3


  1. I hope the photoshoot went well and that you and your mother have some great quality time this evening :)

    BTW luv those undies! They really make your bum look really cute!! ;)

  2. very cute

    love your tongue piercing