Tuesday, March 27, 2012

weirdest. experience. ever.

So I went out with a girlfriend to help her find some clothes for a new job, and after we parted ways, I stopped at the dollar store like usual and after I find my items, I'm waiting in line and start watching a man steal an ENTIRE tray of snickers bars. Like 25 bars. In front of everyone...the staff didnt see but a bunch of customers all witnessed it. He maintained eye contact with me the whole time...totally creepy..then I of course told the cashier what happened and they didn't seem too concerned. So as I'm getting cashed out the cashier (who was male) started to make all these weird Thor references.. like "Too bad I forgot my hammer" and pretended to throw a hammer like Thor. And just kept going on about it! I'm a huge comic book nerd, DEFINITELY...but not in public. I don't like strangers in real life to know about my geeky ways whether it be with comics, anime or video games.

It was all a very strange dollar store experience..


  1. LMAO at stealing the whole Snickers tray. He must be a "regular". Is it possible the cashier recognized you and thought you would like the comic reference (or saw you on past visits buying comic related merchandise)?

  2. That is a very odd experience for sure, love the picture, you look so sexy and beautiful as usual....

  3. I would be baffled if I saw that in person and yeah lots of people hide their geeky side in public.

    Thanks for the pretty candid pic!!! :D